Boundary Dweller

Understanding boundaries is actually a very big deal. You have boundaries, your wife or husband or lover or kids or friends or business associates all have boundaries.

Once you know that there are boundaries it is up to you to know which ones there are and to accept that they exist. Then, it is your choice to violate those boundaries or not.

And on a grander scale there are boundaries to this existence, to the entirety of this whole physical existence. It too has boundaries.

As you come to realize that this physical existence has boundaries then you get closer to being a "Boundary Dweller". That is someone who is still here, but lives on the fringe of the whole of the physical existence.

That is a Boundary Dweller.

Boundary Dweller

Behind you is the whole of the physical existence and all of the religions, social attachments, family, neighborhood truth and all that.

In front of you is everything else.

And that is all your creation. It is personal, precisely what you want and care about and it is all your creation and it is also your responsibility as well.

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