All Life Manifests Through Cells
Cells Agree to Work Together
To Make a Plant or a Bug or an Animal


Life Itself Book - Sorry This Got a Little Long

That book on the Living Cell and how it works is, to me, a very spiritual book as it tells, in what is to me very interesting story-telling, how a cell works and then how 80 trillion (per person, give or take) of them work together – almost flawlessly (some exceptions) to be your servant here in the physical.

A cell is a chemical factory that actually does its own “thinking and remembering”.

There is a transportation system in each cell that moves molecules that are being “manufactured” into a final molecule and move it from organelle to another organelle which adds pieces to the final molecule - which happens in an order and sequence designed to produce the final molecule product needed.

An organelle is a molecule manufacturing factory of its own – each cell has thousands of different organelles which perform different molecular manufacturing processes. PER CELL

And cells are of a wide variety and function. Cells are different in what molecules they can make. So, any particular molecular need has to be "signaled" to the proper cells that can respond... not all cells can respond to a particular molecular need.

And, each organelle works together with other organelles to create the molecular pieces that fit together to make one larger molecule that will be delivered to the blood stream to go where it  is needed.

A cell and its organelles are “manufacturing” molecules to send off into the blood stream what other cells have “messaged” that they need. Takes, perhaps an hour or so to send out messages of what is needed for the appropriate cell that makes those molecules to hop-to and make the required molecules… sometimes much faster (as in manufacturing adrenaline in case of emergency).

This goes on 24 hours a day without end. Never rests. “On” all the time.

That transportation “system” has – best to think of it as: “trucks” that attach to each semi-complete molecule, AND, get this: that truck “knows” where to take each semi-done molecule to its next step in the process of being a completed molecule ready to send out to the blood stream  – not just anywhere but to the right place…!!! And there are thousands of options or alternatives but chooses the right set of options needed in each instance.

A single cell is more complicated than, say, the entire city of Los Angeles as the cell’s transportation system – it has “roads” - molecular fibers - more complex than the entire highway system of LA - on which the “trucks” move.

AND the fibers are quite dissimilar from each other as some serve one set of “trucks” and another fiber network serves another set of “trucks” and these “trucks” hold molecules attached to their “backs” and inch their way, rather quickly, from one place to another. This is all taking place on the molecular level.

As the “trucks” move along, they encounter crossroads where the fiber highway network offers a right-left-up-down set of choices and the “trucks” KNOW which way to go. The “truck” is a mobile molecule that has “grabber-feet” and moves those “grabber-feet” forward and pulls itself and its cargo along the fiber-highway to the right destination. The “trucks” are not wandering around, they KNOW where they are going (they are molecules) and it is in a size-framework similar to a truck, in size, on LA highways… that scale. So a cell, on that scale, is a very big entity with "trucks" carrying molecules from organelle to organelle to complete the manufacturing process.

That to me this is “spiritual” as the whole complex system is linked – directly – to the non-physical realm and is the manifestation of spirituality in the physical (never mind the rest of the physical realm). And it is complex and yet so ordered and miraculously efficient as to tell you something wonderful about God/Goddess/All That Is. This is w-a-y past the simple “good and evil,” follow God’s orders or be punished, paradigm as to just shoot past it.

(I could go on about the solar system, earth, the moon and where and how it all works within its galaxy… which it does to extraordinarly fine detail and complexity.)

This highway, trucks, and mobile system is ONE chapter in the book. The other chapters deal with other endlessly complex systems – say, muscles that attach one end of the cell to another end of another muscle cell – connecting only to a matched connection, not just ANY connection but one that is matched to his particular function…  geesch!!!

So that I can type this email.

The spirituality here is that I am riding on a “wave” of complexity all created for ME to have a functioning body and for me to express myself, even if I do not know how it all works or not… a GIFT.

And, then for the “mass cellular consciousness of the whole planet” of, say, human beings is created for all of humanity to express themselves in the physical. That is the entire mass-consciousness of all the human cells on the planet taken together… a huge, complex and highly sophisticated sum of all the parts.

One can only guess at how complex all of the spiritual (nonphysical) realm must be. It makes the idea of APPRECIATION take a whole new depth of meaning. Once you begin to grok this – and the Life Itself Book is just a piece – then there is only one place for us to be: hugely appreciative… big time!!!

If you see this as spiritual, then ALL this world’s religions are childish and silly.

This also makes the mechanical idea of evolution pale by comparison as well – even though there is evolution happening but that it is only a part of the process. So, the idea of “intelligent design” is actually right-on except it is not a Grandfather, bearded old guy with rules, regulations and punishments but a spiritual realm full of complexity and great respect for its "cells" and "solar systems" and "galaxies" and "people" and "animals" and everything alive.

I had fun writing this.

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