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Below is the text for the last chapter of the book "Autobiography of Freedom."

The Meaning of Life

You can travel to India, find an enlightened master, sit on the floor at his feet and listen to his discourses. You can meditate for many years, hum mantras, and stop thinking (probably not stop for long, though.)

You can jump up and down in joy when your “most powerful enlightened master who has ever been on the planet” walks into the room holding his hands up and gesturing towards the crowd. You can get on your knees each morning, face toward the master and repeat the mantra of his power and his enlightenment. You can devote your life to the master’s vision of saving human beings from the apocalypse. You can lose yourself in the eyes of the master.

You can abandon this “illusion” of a life and work in a commune baking bread.

And you will not find the meaning of life, nor the meaning of YOUR life.

The meaning of life does not exist.

It is not under some rock somewhere nor in the wisdom of the master to be unlocked after you’ve heard a discourse of his for the 100th time.

The reason why it does not exist is that you are creating it and you are not done
and you don’t want to be “done!”

It is to be created by you, not found in someone else’s words whether they are “the most powerful enlightened master who has ever been on the planet” or not. It is your most personal of all creations. It is unique, personal, and it is yours and yours alone.

A big step in knowing this is to allow yourself to have a “small” vision, one that suits you and you alone. Never mind big, grand, visions for the whole planet, all of humanity, and 30% of the entire galaxy. Just keep it personal, meaningful, and important only to you.

With your acceptance of your own “small” vision you free yourself from the bonds of “greatness and big stuff” as you cannot actually sustain “whole planet visions” anyway.

This is a good place to “tell the truth about yourself to yourself” and let the most powerful enlightened master who has ever been on the planet save the planet from the apocalypse if he can… if he knows how. And if he does know how, then why are you needed for him anyway?

And look at Bhagwan’s global vision which blew up in his face in Oregon. Grandness is a ploy to fool you into giving up your power to someone else. “Grandness” is meant to replace your own feeling of “Smallness.” And who told you their visions are grander than yours are anyway???

There is a popular statement which says: “I want to make a difference!” If you really want to “make a difference” then make sure YOU make a difference to YOU and live by your own “visions” first by your being “grand” yourself. This is a good place to “tell yourself the truth about someone else.” Their “visions” are not yours.

And if you give your power away to some enlightened master then do so. It is your choice as in: it is YOUR choice. Your grand vision can be to give your power away and that is Ok as it was your choice. And if it does not work out for you, it can be your choice to change your mind… you can do that too! You just can never get away from its being your choice. Your choice has always been to create your own meaning. You think you get just “some” choice but the “meaning of life” is not a part of your choice as well?

“The meaning of life” is your creation and you are not done yet, and, ah, you never will be.


It is personal, it is what you create for you. And that creation is based solely on life’s experience, not in old books, not in discourses, not in arguments over word parsing and not in rituals 1,000’s of years old, not in raising money to fix the roof over the Sunday school. It is not hidden and not secret and not something somebody else knows but not you.

The meaning of life is your creation.

It is one of the things you chose to continue to create when you decided to come here. No one else has it and no one else can lift the rock to reveal it. It is what every human being does, to some degree or another: create their own “life’s meaning” and their own “personal life’s meaning.” It is never done, never complete, and always changing and growing. And if you have chosen several or even many lifetimes it is still a growing and expanding creation.

And it is very helpful to drop your being judgmental about what other people choose to be the meaning of their life… driving the kids to soccer practice, sometimes drinking too much, shouting at your kids, wondering about the meaning of life, and all that. That is their choice.

Respecting – not agreeing – but respecting their right to choose matters to you a lot. Accepting “what is” frees you from forever fighting and opposing it.

You will not fix all of reality as it is not broken.

It’s up to you.

Enlightened masters are a diversion away from who you are and away from who/what your personal creation is. Someone else’s enlightenment is irrelevant. Whether they are the “most powerful enlightened master ever to have been on the planet” or not.

It is not their enlightenment that matters.

And, it is not your enlightenment that matters either.

What matters is what you choose to create. You have the same power that the “guys” who created the whole of physical reality have. How you use it is up to you. And there is no right way, no wrong way. You can experiment with “this or that” and “be one way or another” and change your mind and do something else or sit on the floor at the feet of your enlightened master, bake bread living in a commune, or drive your kids to soccer practice, or live in the suburbs and wonder about the meaning of life.

You will never find the meaning of life… never!

Because it does not exist until you create it...

... and as it is not ever done, and you don’t want it to be “done” either. You can, therefore, only show it to anyone who cares to look, otherwise it is personal. It is between you and your own higher–self or God/Goddess and that’s it.

So, look around all you want, travel to India, Tibet, Bhutan, Poona, Nepal (just not in the suburbs of Cleveland, Ohio… we know it’s not there!) Find someone who has a “vision” you can follow and accept. But know that there is only one person whose “vision” works for you and that is YOUR vision, not someone else’s.

There is no apocalypse. What there is is the growing awareness that it is all up to you to create your life’s meaning as you wish it to be. No rules, no commandments, just freedom to be who you create yourself to be. And as for the “meaning of life”? Write your book and tell us about it.

So now you know; it was always up to you.


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